Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yang Nyum Chicken!

Its been a long time since I last posted! I think Im going to try to get back into blogging again. I have met some really neat people and I enjoy getting feedback from other adoptees and adoptive parents. Anyway, my first post back is going to be about cooking!

So my fiancee (Yes, I am getting married!) is from Korea and has been begging me to learn to cook Yang Nyum Chicken which literally translates to Chicken with Sauce. Anyway, the sauce is sweet and spicy, but is more on the spicy side with a hint of sweet. I have been kind of shying away from trying this because it requires deep frying chicken, which I have never done before, but I envisioned it to be messy. (I was kind of right)

But this weekend my fiancee hasn't been feeling well...she came down with a cold. So I finally broke down and made this dish for her. I basically followed a recipe that we had found on facebook

you read my comments, you will see the changes that I suggested. I thought the original sauce was way too spicy and not enough sweetness so I tripled the sugar and corn syrup. I also had to use more water than the recipe called for because the batter was like bread dough. I also fried the chicken at 350 F for 6 minutes both times. I cooked it longer because I used chunks of chicken instead of wings.

Here is my setup for frying the chicken:

Here is a picture after the first frying (It is important to double fry the chicken so that it is extra crispy!):

Here is the final product:

Here is a better picture, but of leftovers!:

I have pictures of my fiancee eating the chicken and a picture of her after she is done eating and full....but I do want to get married in December, so I think it is best not to post those pictures...sorry!

I ate the leftover chicken the next night, and I microwaved it to reheat and amazingly it was still very crunchy! That double frying is an absolute must!