Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Neglect! :(

I know I have been away for a while. I actually really miss blogging. My real life has been crazy hectic.

I quit my old job with Marathon Oil Company and started a new job with a bigger oil company. I travel a lot within the US now for my new job. As you can tell from my previous posts, I have been to Houston quite a few times.

I actually have a useful kitchen now! I have been cooking some new dishes, I just have not had time to post them. Maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll start posting some more pictures of the food Ive been cooking.

Also, Hopefully my new blog design is almost complete and should be on-line within the next week or two!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seoul Garden Restaurant

Here is another restaurant I tried in Houston. I think my original post on this restaurant got deleted :(.

Anyways, for my ongoing saga to find the best, most authentic Korean food, I have been scouring Houston.

I had:
Pork and Kimchee Chim as an appetizer:

I followed that up with Bulgogi:

The thing I dont like is most Korean restaurants won't allow a single person to grill at the table :(. Being that I am visiting to Houston for business I usually eat dinners alone. This means that I am restricted from being able to grill at the table and several other dishes :(. Ive even tried to convince the restaurants to charge me for 2 people so that I can cook at the table, and they still refuse!!! Since the company is paying for the meal, I dont mind being charged a little extra so I can cook myself at the table :(.

Anyways the food was really good here. But I Arirang's staff is more friendly and makes the difference between these two restaurants.

Arirang Korean Restaurant - Houston

Im back in Houston for the third week of the last 4. I have lived in the Crowne Plaza Hotel more than in my new house...that is sad :(

Anyways, the one nice thing is Houston has way more and better Korean restaurants than St. Louis. I have found a new favorite; Arirang Restaurant. I ate here on Sunday night when I first arrived. Ive been really busy at work and really tired at night so I'm posting this kind of late.

Here is what I ate:

Pork and Kimchee Chim

It was enormous!! Like there was enough food for 3 of me. I tried my best but I could only eat a third of the plate!!! It was really good. plus there was toju slices all around the plate. Like I said this was an enormous plate of food. After I got done eating, I got a lecture from the waitress about how wasteful that was!!!

She tried to get me to take it with me, however I don't have a refrigerator in my hotel room. She kept lecturing me about leaving so much food!! I couldnt believe it!!! The dish wasn't labeled that it was for 2 people, so I assumed it was a single serving. But obviously this dish was big enough for multiple people. Anyways, why does it matter? As long as I pay for a dish, it shouldnt matter how much I leave behind. I eat more than the average person. So if there was this much left over, I feel its the restaurants fault for making so much food. Maybe they should think about cutting the portion size a little bit and not lecture the weary customer when they get this huge plate of food!

Oh well, its part of the Korean experience. I guess it just makes it authentic Korean getting chewed out by a strange ajumma!! LOL

It tasted really good. How awesome is that, quantity and quality!!!

This restaurant is quickly becoming my favorite in Houston. On my previous visits I had the following:
Haemaul chim:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Sorry I Love You - "MISA"

I'm at the airport writing this on my blackberry. I figured this is just as good of a time to write my review.

I started watching this drama at the recommendation of my friend...thanks ann!

This drama is a little different from the typical drama. Yes it still has the typical love stories, one of the main themes of this drama is the main character is adopted and finds his birth mother.

The main character was adopted to Australia; But grows up to be a con-artist. I have to say his English is horribleN especially for someone who was supposed to raised in Australia! I was barely able to get over this, but I'm really glad I did.

This is an excellent drama and brings a new twist about adoption which never crossed my mind. Most adoptees assume that their parents put them up for adoption because they were poor. What if you found out your birth parents were very wealthy and famous? This is what the main character has to face. This is definitely an unusual thing to have to face. Maybe that is why this show fascinates me...

More on this later when I'm not on my blackberry.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I just realized that my recent posts have not been updating on Blogger...anyone else having this problem? Im fairly certain I posted 3-5 posts last week while I was in Houston.

Sorry it took me this long to realize that nothing is updating. I'll have to go back to my picture archives and re-write all of my

My new blog site is currently being designed and I must say it looks pretty sweet. I can't wait to launch the new site with graphics, Im getting really excited!