Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Arirang Korean Restaurant - Houston

Im back in Houston for the third week of the last 4. I have lived in the Crowne Plaza Hotel more than in my new house...that is sad :(

Anyways, the one nice thing is Houston has way more and better Korean restaurants than St. Louis. I have found a new favorite; Arirang Restaurant. I ate here on Sunday night when I first arrived. Ive been really busy at work and really tired at night so I'm posting this kind of late.

Here is what I ate:

Pork and Kimchee Chim

It was enormous!! Like there was enough food for 3 of me. I tried my best but I could only eat a third of the plate!!! It was really good. plus there was toju slices all around the plate. Like I said this was an enormous plate of food. After I got done eating, I got a lecture from the waitress about how wasteful that was!!!

She tried to get me to take it with me, however I don't have a refrigerator in my hotel room. She kept lecturing me about leaving so much food!! I couldnt believe it!!! The dish wasn't labeled that it was for 2 people, so I assumed it was a single serving. But obviously this dish was big enough for multiple people. Anyways, why does it matter? As long as I pay for a dish, it shouldnt matter how much I leave behind. I eat more than the average person. So if there was this much left over, I feel its the restaurants fault for making so much food. Maybe they should think about cutting the portion size a little bit and not lecture the weary customer when they get this huge plate of food!

Oh well, its part of the Korean experience. I guess it just makes it authentic Korean getting chewed out by a strange ajumma!! LOL

It tasted really good. How awesome is that, quantity and quality!!!

This restaurant is quickly becoming my favorite in Houston. On my previous visits I had the following:
Haemaul chim:


  1. Wowwww lookkks awesome...searched the restaurant and saw it sure did convince me to try while im in town