Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seoul Garden Restaurant

Here is another restaurant I tried in Houston. I think my original post on this restaurant got deleted :(.

Anyways, for my ongoing saga to find the best, most authentic Korean food, I have been scouring Houston.

I had:
Pork and Kimchee Chim as an appetizer:

I followed that up with Bulgogi:

The thing I dont like is most Korean restaurants won't allow a single person to grill at the table :(. Being that I am visiting to Houston for business I usually eat dinners alone. This means that I am restricted from being able to grill at the table and several other dishes :(. Ive even tried to convince the restaurants to charge me for 2 people so that I can cook at the table, and they still refuse!!! Since the company is paying for the meal, I dont mind being charged a little extra so I can cook myself at the table :(.

Anyways the food was really good here. But I Arirang's staff is more friendly and makes the difference between these two restaurants.


  1. You are in desperate need of a trip to NY or LA. :P

  2. dude, you've gotta eat some tex mex while in texas. I miss it sooooo much