Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I haven't posted in a while. I have been extremely busy.

Right now I am recovering from a cooking incident. Trying to open a box of tofu (I knew there was a reason I hate buying tofu in a box), I cut my pinky nuckle on my left hand, near to the bone! The ER doctor has put a splint on it with that crazy glue stuff because its right on the nuckle. I have taken off the splint once in a while, but the tendon is really sore...I hope it will heal soon.

Anyways, if you buy tofu, don't get it in the box, and if you do...use

I was making Kimchee Chigae the other night and I didn't have any tofu in my fridge. So I ran out to the local grocery store and they only have firm, extra firm, super firm tofu!! Honestly! don't they know of this awesome ingredient called soft tofu?? They multiple brands of each of these tofus. To make matters worse each was in a cardboard box! how can buy the soft tofu in neat plastic tubes at the Korean grocery fear of cutting yourself cutting into a tube!!

While tofu does not have much a taste in itself, people often ask me why I eat it. I reply because I like it..however, thinking about it there is not much a taste, but the fact that it is so subtle and I really like the texture. Which is probably why I prefer the super soft tofu to the firm. A soup doesn't feel right if it doesn't have tofu in it! Besides, its a "super food". Tofue is super healthy for you and it doesn't taste bad..what more could you want?


  1. My mom only buys the firm. (?)

    Lasagna gets too mushy with soft.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. My last post was all over the place, huh? That is what happens when you get just a brief moment to blog.
    By the way we would appreciate your prayers so much. Our sweet Ayla has endured entirely too much sickness in her little life.
    I personally cannot cook with tofu to save my life, but I do like it in soups. Have not really eaten it any other way.

  3. I LOVE tofu :)
    I even have a stuffed animal that looks like a tofu. We call her Dubu, haha.
    I hope you're healed by now!

  4. LOL! I learned that a long time ago. But I still find myself cutting off the ends with my knife (lazy?). This is my first time visiting your site. First, I don't think any topic about korea or being in the life of a korean adoptee can ever be over stated. Well, at least for me:) Growing up I rarely talked about my past or 'being' korean. And in some way, I got used to it and even joked about it here and there. But now, since I have found my family in 2004, I welcome the conversation! For the first time, I have been talking and relating to other adoptees and it is truly wonderful. Also, about 'the name change'-found on another post. I personally would not change it back now, mainly because, I have lived with my adopted given name for majority of my life and it holds a large part of who I am. I would hate to disconnect the two worlds..I want to be complete - not be torn by the two. I do use my korean name sometimes with friends and now with other adoptees. Keep writig and hope to come back and read more. Oh, I recently just created a blog of my own...hope you can come visit. It is
    from KyungMee