Sunday, January 17, 2010

Out of "Retirement"

If you really like my blog you can thank Diane for this...

If you really hate my blog, you can thank Diane for that! LOL

Diane recently asked me to come out of retirement to comment on a new article of was a ambush I think. Anyways, it has got me all fired up, and I'm ready to get back on this.

I don't even know if anyone even follows my blog anymore, but I'll keep writing, and maybe it'll make a difference to someone some day.


  1. Did you ever find your naem-bi pot? the shallow pot used for cooking ramyeon?

  2. Yes!
    I did finally find a naem-bi pot! Its awesome and I used way too much (ie...since ramen isn't all that healthy and stuff).

  3. i am still looking for a reasonable set of those banchan dish... pure white, and reasonably light and don't mind a serving table so can eat while seated on the floor.