Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Yes, I am officially homeless! :(

My house was sold on Friday, August 29th, and I have no new home yet :(
The movers came last Wednesday and they packed all of my stuff up in boxes and took it away! I have 1 big suitcase of clothes and my laptop...nothing else! However, if you ever have to move this is definitely the way to do it...My mother tells me that its uber-expensive though...like $10,000+!!! I cant imagine!! luckily for me my company paid for all of my moving expenses including this moving company that packs for you! It is really nice way to move, but if I had to pay $10,000 for it I think Id rent the Uhaul for $150 and do it myself...lol

I am staying at my friends house for a couple of days. When I start my job this Thursday I have to find a hotel to stay at. I looked at one place it charged $100/day with a 30 day minimum...uh..thats $3000 for a month!!!!!! No Thanks!!! I think I'll stay at the Holiday Inn!

Actually I have a new house already picked out. My closing date is Sept. 10th so I only need a room for about a week, so I'll probably go to a hotel for a week.


  1. that's why America needs 찜질방 (besides like three really expensive ones you can't sleep at)

  2. I hope you get settled soon! nice dukbokki!


  3. SNU? oh no!! they're busy studying.. haha. i go to korea university. :] yonsei's biggest time rival school.

    the notorious games ko-yon jun (for yonsei- yon-ko jun) are held every fall semester but it happens to be the first week of class this year!

    chuseok is coming way too fast!!