Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Seoul Garden (St. Louis)

This was the second Korean restaurant I have tried in St. Louis. Unfortunately I am disappointed so far in the offerings. I lost the pictures to the first restaurant I tried.

This restaurant was not too clean and almost totally empty. I had the Haemul Pajeon and my classic Sunduboo.

The Haemul didnt have enuff batter and was stuffed full with the leaves used for bulgogi. It tasted ok, but would have been much better with more batter to hold it together.

The Sunduboo tasted alright, nothing real special. Except I noticed that it was missing oysters! I know this sounds funny but a few oysters is an ingredient Ive seen in almost every recipe. Like I said it tasted ok, but it was nothing that would make you remember it. Here is the picture of said dish:

The owner was nice but I'd rate this meal about a 4/10 overall. The restaurant could definitely us a face lift. I know that the looks don't do anything with the food but it sure does help make it more appealing.


  1. Ah... that jeon looks a little... uh... interesting... :)

  2. The Korean restaurants in the States that I have been to have always been a little off. Not very good and kid of odd. Of course, I've never been to one in a high Korean population area, so maybe that would make a difference. It was very surprising since all the Koreans I've known were excellent cooks, but come to think of it, most of them didn't like to eat out.

    I think your best bet is to make friends with some Koreans and get invited to dinner!

    Congratulations on the house and the lessons! Korean is hard, but you can do it!

  3. the jeon looks like...ah...yeah...I agree with Cheri...interesting.

  4. Yea it was definitely interesting. Ive never had leafy stuff in my jeon before.

    Anyways I found a church with a large "young adult" group, which I have been attending. Ironically they are 60% I asked around and they all said no good Korean restaurants in St. Louis that they know of....bleh!