Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Satellite is better than Cable (although its still not perfect)

In my ongoing efforts to post more, I promised myself that I will post at least once a day! Not just for the 5 readers out there, but I think that it is therapeutic for me too. So its a win win situation.

In case you didn't know, satellite television is better than cable! Cheaper, plus they have these "International Packs", where you can get a "pack" of 5 Korean channels! Actually I think its only 3 Korean channels and 2 Japanese channels. They advertise it as 5 Korean know how "they" are...all asian is the same to

KBS is included with this group of Korean channels; however it is slightly modified from the KBS in Korea; I would call it "Banana KBS". You do get the daily news (obviously in Korean), but all of the shows are either old or slightly behind the actual shows in Korea. They do this for subtitling purposes. All of us "Bananas" out there greatly appreciate KBS's work to translate the shows (The networks do a way better job of translating than the unknown internet translaters; although I do have to admit usually does a good job).

Although, its nice to have the subtitles underneath, I wish my satellite provider would actually give me straight KBS from Korea, so I could get the newest episodes. I guess if its any consolation, the KBS in St. Louis is actually ahead in episodes than the KBS in Chicago. You would think all of the "international" KBS stations being aired via satellite would be identical? St Louis is like 20 episodes ahead of Chicago, which makes it very difficult to discuss with my friend "Lacy Chu" (Although I don't think she minds, because she doesnt like "너는 내 운명"...GASP!!!).

While I think the Korean Package is totally worth it (I think its like $10/month), it would be nice to see some more mainstream channels. Besides KBS there is Arirang, but I wouldnt consider that a "Korean Channel". Sure its produced in Korea, but everything and everyone on there speaks English! Besides, Arirang broadcasts in the US on their own too! Of course they including the Gaming Network! No Korean Package would be complete without 24/7 coverage of the latest Starcraft news!! These are the only three channels that I recognize :(

If I got to pick the 5 channels I would choose the following: KBS, KBS2, SBS, and MBC, and this "banana" version of KBS I currently get! :)

The first 4 channels I would do a direct feed from the actual Korean channels. The only thing I would do is a time delay for the 13 hour time difference! I wouldn't want to have leave work at 9 am to go home to watch my favorite drama. I would also leave these in Korean because you wouldnt have time to translate but also because it is the "Korean Package"! Even a banana like me would like these channels, even in Korean. That way I could leanr it better. Plus, it would keep all of those FOBie ajummas in the US happy.

So if you happen to be a DirecTV or Dish Network manager, please..please...add these channels!!!

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  1. 1) I dont mind being a little or way behind in terms of drama. I start dramas from 2004 in 2008 anyways!

    2) Chicago Korean TV is NOT cable.. its "normal" TV. The 9pm Korean (from Korea) news that we get is actually LIVE I believe, so its... "the next day in the morning at 10 or 11am". Eerie, if you think about it. 9:30pm is Chicago Korean news, most likely taped earlier that day in the studio.