Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"The Calling"

I was talking to a friend of mine last week. We were walking around a park, just talking about life in general. I think everyone needs a friend who they can just talk with, because it is totally refreshing and therapeutic. Anyway I digress...back on topic.

As were walking my friend said something to this effect: "Why do all Koreans either have gone back to Korea or really want to go back to Korea..usually as an English teacher or anyway they can. Its weird, because no other ethnicity has such a strong urge to go back to their country as Koreans that I know." (BTW, this friend is not Korean) I laughed, because it seems so true. It seems that most Koreans that I have either lived in the motherland for an extended period of time or really want to visit/live in the motherland sometime in the future.

If your Korean you may know what I am talking about...then again maybe you don't (or maybe you just have not experienced "The Calling" yet).

"The Calling" is what I am terming the urge for a Korean to return to the Motherland.

No matter if your adopted, gyopo, or FOB, I think a large percentage of Koreans seem to get "The Calling" at some point of their lives. Some Koreans get it early, and for some people it doesn't occur until later in their lives. Apparently I was sort of a late bloomer. I didn't really get "The Calling" until after my first visit to the motherland. This may sound weird, but even leading up to my first visit to the motherland, I didn't really feel that excited. I felt like I was paying my respects, not much different from traveling to any other foreign country. But after my first visit, I had it bad! I still do, which is probably why I blog about stuff about the motherland or my crazy thoughts.

While people from other ethnicities may have something similar, it seems like Koreans in particular have a very high rate of "The Calling" amongst its people.

I wonder what percentage of Koreans have been to Korea at least once in their life, and how that compares to any other country?

Share your thoughts? If your Korean, do you have "The Calling" in you?


  1. Just found your blog...I love it. I'm an almost 30 year old Korean Adoptee and on the beginning journey of the Adoption box. My adoption was never something to be talked about and thus I was ashamed. I have started my search for my birth parents and starting to learn of my korean heritage. (I've never even eaten anything Korean before) Anyways...I have not received the calling yet, but I think I'm close. Your blog is refreshing to read.

  2. Thanks for reading Mel!

    I always like meeting other adopted Koreans!

    I'm sorry to hear that your adoption was treated the way it was. Adoption is nothing to be ashamed about. Thinking about it I consider myself extremely lucky to be adopted.

    I do know how you feel though. I know sometimes its difficult to discuss. I usually don't tell people that Im adopted until I know them well enough.

    I am excited for you that you have started to explore about your adoption and now learning about Korea!

    I can't imagine being almost 30 years old before ever trying Korean food! As you can see from my blog, I am a total Korean food junkie!! :)

    I love Korean food. If you live near Detroit, St. Louis, or Houston, let me know and I'll recommend a couple restaurants to you. Its amazing what you can find doing google searches!

    If you don't mind me asking, how are you going about trying to find your birth parents? I have looked into it, but I have not actually started the process. If you don't want to write it here, you can email me at spaldirl@gmail.com