Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Houston - Korea Restaurant

I'm in Houston again for another business trip! Except this time its for training and not work. I'm sitting in a room full of Blackberry toting middle age and older project managers, Im a bit out of my age bracket and league...although I do carry a Blackberry...lol

I arrived in Houston on Monday morning. Being that I travel a lot for work, I'm in like every frequent traveler club for airlines, car rentals, and hotels. So I arrive to Avis and expect to just get dropped off at a car to drive off. Instead they insist that I need to go to the counter because its my first time as a "Preferred Member"...although I did the exact same thing last week! Needless to say, I was a little miffed. They give me this horse and pony show about how my card was declined. So I gave them my card again and told them to try and run it..miraculously it was accepted...I don't know what was different. Anyways, they tell me my car number, and I stomp off to it, annoyed that I was delayed. When I get to my car I couldn't be too upset, because here was what was waiting for me:

Last week I saw a Korean restaurant that I hadn't been too. So on Monday, I decided to try it!
So I had Kimchi Jeon to start off with. I usually like to try some sort of Jeon at any new restaurant because I kind of use it to gauge how good the food is (Kind of like if you want to test an Italian restaurant you eat Alfredo). The Jeon was pretty good. Two minor issues though. The Kimchi was whole, and not cut up at all, which made the logistics of eating it very difficult. Secondly, I think partly because of all the big pieces of Kimchi, the batter was a bit undercooked.

The restaurant served the biggest variety of banchan Ive ever seen. I would rate the banchan about a 6, it was nothing memorable.

For my main course I had a spicy chicken stirfry. I can't quite remember what it was called. Even though the appetizers were mediocre, this dish was quite good. It was very spicy and very good!

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