Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big News! (FINALLY!)

I can finally talk about my "secret" and big news I have mentioned in my other posts. Yesterday, I turned in my letter of resignation to Marathon Oil Company, and called my supervisor in Equatorial Guinea, Africa; to let him know that I would not be returning.

I have been offered (and accepted) a new job with ConocoPhillips. I will be a commissioning engineer for a $1.5 billion dollar refinery expansion project at the WoodRiver Refinery! Its a big job and hopefully will help boost my career.

If you didnt already know, I have been wanting to get my MBA. However, I don't want to quit work to get my MBA because in the oil industry, years of experience counts for a lot. I tried for the last 1.5 years with Marathon to get transferred to the Detroit Refinery, but nothing ever happened. So I decided to take matters in my own hands. I will be moving to St. Louis area next week! I go house hunting tomorrow! Everything is moving so fast.

Anyways, life goes on and now I can be a normal human being and active in society!! I have joined a hockey league in St. Louis and I have also hired a private tutor for Korean lessons! I will have two 1.5 hour lessons a week! Hopefully that will give me the boost I need to finally conquer this language barrier I have!!

This also means that I will be cooking a lot more!! I bought 5 Korean recipe books and plan on making a lot of food soon.

The advantage of buying a new house is I can find a house with a great kitchen. My criteria for a new house are as follows:
1. Cable internet (besides blogging, Im a video game addict)
2. A large room to be my Home Theater room. I am a movie and television buff. Soon to add several Korean Dramas and Movies to my repertoire, anyways I have a 50" LCD television and a very nice speaker system which I will take pictures of once it is setup.
3. Last but not least, a very nice kitchen! :) For obvious reasons..


  1. congratulations on the job and the house. you should take some time off and visit Korea^^


  2. Hey,

    Just a thought: (social networking website for expatriates) might be interesting for you and your readers..

    You might want to add it to your links page as well.
    good luck


  3. Thanks guys.

    Ive been crazy and it'll get even more crazy this coming week. I have to move! and I have to find a house to move into!! lol