Saturday, August 2, 2008

Younha - "Because of You" & "He Wasn't"

All I can say is "Oh WOW!!!!!"

My favorite Korean singer doing a cover of my favorite favorite song by my favorite North American singer, and Im not talking about Kelly Clarkston. Although Kelly is amazingly talented and I enjoy her songs, she has nothing on Avril Lavigne!

This is an awesome cover of both of these songs and whats so great is the difference between the styles of each song. I love it when she jumps up from the piano at the transition from the calmer "Because of You" to the more energetic "He Wasn't".

I never knew Younha did covers of a bunch of popular English songs. I wish they would make a cd out them because they are really good. I found Kelly Clarkston, Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, and Leanne Rhimes covers. All of them were surprisingly excellent! Amazing considering its her third language. Yea she may not have the vocal range or prowess of Alica or Leanne, but its her 3rd language!!! Id like to see any of these other artist sing songs in Korean and Japanese, then we can

Anyways check it out, its pretty impressive (big understatement)

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