Tuesday, August 12, 2008


URGH!! blogger just went through a brain fart and erased my post mid-typing!!!SO I start over

TGIF!!! Like I mentioned before even though its only "Tuesday" it is Friday for me because after working 28 straight days, I leave!! (actually this trip was only 21 days..but you get the picture). We dont consider it a guaranteed thing until the plane leaves the ground (with you on it). Being that this is Africa, a lot can happen to delay or ground the plane and preventing you from leaving this island. Then your option is to swim to Nigeria. If the plane doesnt show up or has problems, I will seriously consider the swim to Nigeria option (all 50 miles of it).

Anyways the Olympics are going on..Most of you are probably like "Duh!" and "have you been living under a rock"...We dont get much coverage on our 7 Channels of high quality African satellite television. Plus after 12-14 hour work days...theres not much time or energy to watch anything. I love the Olympics and I will be watching a lot when I get home. My personal favorite events are gymnastics, Archery, martial arts, sometimes swimming. I like archery because of Korea's strong presence. Plus, I bow hunt so I really like to watch these people and see how amazing it is. You should really watch it sometimes..they shoot from so far away you can actually see the arrow go up and drop due to gravity...its amazing the accuracy they have!

Anyways, my next post should be from the Homeland...or maybe in Paris if I get bored there.

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