Saturday, August 9, 2008

In Search of Korean Cookware

Im moving in the next month, and I figured it would be a good time to update my kitchen with Korean cookware (I plan on making a ton of korean food). Anyways, I went online in search of cookware that I would like.

I found a couple of vendors who sell dinnerware, and stone bowls. But Im having a really had time finding good metal pots. Im looking specifically for two types of pots. The first pot I desperately want is one of those metal pots for ramen soups. I know Ive seen it either at or Im hoping Dan or Cheri (authors of those blogs) will remember if they posted about Ramen or this type of pot Im looking for. Basically its a deep pot, with oversized handles. The picture I remember was a bronze or golden colored metal.

The second pot Im looking for is a good stew pot. I want to make korean stews that you cook at the table like gamjatang and others. This is typically a shallow aluminum pot.

Im not sure if theres a specific name for these pots. I got the name of the stew pot from maangchi. But when I did a google search nothing came up. She couldnt come up with the name for the ramen pot. So if anyone knows if there is a specific name for the ramen pot please let me know. Of course I could be crazy and its just a normal pot. But I swear there are specialized pots for ramen...I swear Ive seen it before.

If anyone out there knows a good website with this cookware or other good cookware. Please leave a comment with the website. Or even, if you know a market/store in the states that have these, Id be very grateful. In particular any in the mid-west would be best (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri). Yes I am that fanatical I will drive hours and hours to find this even if the store your thinking about is not in these states, still post it please. I travel a lot so there's a chance I might be near that store your thinking of....



  1. WoW!! I went and looked at Dan's site and I found it:

    I did a search for "ramen" that didnt work. I did a search for "Pot" and this came up. Apparently its named Naem-bi. I think the reason I couldnt find it before was because it is in an article about papbingsu.

    Anyways, I still need your guys' help locating a place I can purchase this. Also any names you guys might have for the shallow pot used for stews?

  2. Hi Richard, I am from the Korea Herald newspaper in Seoul -- can you please shoot me an e-mail when you have a few spare minutes?


    Matt Lamers

  3. Hi again Richard -- I recieved your e-mail, but when I reply to it, your address does not work.

    Do you have a secondary e-mail? Or maybe you can try my gmail:

  4. I think you can find it at most Korean supermarkets in the US... unfortunately I don't know of any shops in the midwest but if you ever head to SF, Bos, NY, or HI I could give you a list of places. :)