Friday, August 1, 2008

To MBA or Not to MBA

Funny play on Shakespearean quote...ironically I really cant stand shakespeare...but it came to my head. Kind of cheasy I know, but it really does portray my dilema.

Well, I have been working in the Oil & Gas Industry for 5 years now (amazing how time goes by!). Anyways, its about an ideal time to be thinking of going back to school and getting my MBA. Ive been thinking that I want to do this, but I really havent been very proactive.

Well last November, I decided I might as well take the GMAT and see "how I do". I didnt study or do anything, and actually I had to take the test "on my way" from Terre Haute, IN to Detroit as I was getting ready to leave for Detroit. So I stopped by Ball State University and took the test. Anyways, I did quite amazingly well. I got a 92 percentile score which pretty much opened the doors to realistically getting into any MBA program.

In my industry, work experience is just as important (if not more important) than further education. So I did not want to risk quitting for 2 years to get my MBA. So I was looking to relocate (I currently work in Africa) to Detroit, where my company has a refinery. This would allow me to work and go to the University of Michigan. The only thing is the University of Michigan is ranked 10th in the US for evening MBA programs (it used to be higher, I guess it slipped in the last year). Anyways, I figure it always be nice.

Well, last week I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email stating that I have been accepted into the 2008 class MBA program at the University of Michigan! I was surprised and my heart pretty much jumped out of my chest! Then all of sudden I guess I realized how much I wanted to go to that particular school. I was raised in Detroit and UofM is the big school you cheer for all the time. So I figure it would be cool to go there some day. I mean look at the school colors (maize and blue) they coordinate so well together!

Its not that I didn't get in when I was in high school. Actually Im pretty certain I could have gotten into the school for my undergraduate, but I never even applied. The reason being is I wanted to go to a small school specializing in Engineering, which I did at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. That seemed to have worked out perfectly. However, for graduate schools you have to go to bigger schools and UofM seems perfect!

Unfortunatley, during this whole process, I thought actually getting into the program would be the hard part. Unfortunately it turns out, relocating to Detroit with my company is the only thing holding me back! Apparently Detroit is full right now, and my currently location is not eager about me they have stopped me transferring out before. So, to my dismay I am going to have to turn down the acceptance. However, I did apply and receive a deferral until the winter of 2009 semester to relocate.

Needless to say I am very "bummed" about the whole ordeal. I do have other "plans" in the works. I can't write about it just yet (because I don't know who reads my blog, but you never know). Once everything pans out, which should be in 3-4 weeks, I should have quite an announcement to make! Maybe I can make it on my newly designed website/blog page.

Oh on a side note, besides UofM I also applied to Sungkyunkwan University and Seoul National University, just because I was entertaining the idea of living in Seoul. However, it wouldnt be the best considering US schools (especially for MBA) are considered way superior to even the best in Korea. I got accepted to Sungkyunkan, but I didnt get into Seoul National University. I didnt even get an interview at SNU!!! pfft..apparently my 92 percentile score on my GMAT didnt impress them! lol


  1. Congrats on the acceptance!
    Oy, GMATs.. time to start prepping..

  2. Thanks.

    Unfortunately, Im having to decline the acceptance :(

    Im not sure what your degree is in, but in the oil business the 2 or 3 years I would have to take off to get my MBA is worth more than my MBA. I dont know though, maybe in a couple of years, I'll do it anyways just as a personal goal.

  3. Hi, if you don't mind me asking, what was your GPA during your undergraduate years? I'm suprised to hear that SNU did not accept you.

  4. To: azncfp
    My GPA and GMAT scores were sufficient to get into Sunkkyunkwan University and also into University of Michigan Ross MBA program (which was ranked in the top 10 programs in the US, which inherently makes it very highly ranked internationally).

    You have to remember for an MBA of all considerations the undergraduate GPA is probably one of the least important things evaluated. GMAT scores, essays on applications, work experience and interviews usually far out way undergraduate GPA. You have to remember that its been 5+ years for most MBA candidates since their undergraduate and not a very good indicator of their current status.

    I know Seoul is considered the "Premier/best" University in Korea, but that does not weigh much in the US. Actually, that was my primary reason for not going to school in Korea because I felt it would be a handicap. After my research I felt that SKK had the best MBA program in Korea (GASP!! even better than SNU! LOL). The reason for this is based on their partnership with US based schools. If you look at the two programs SKK is affliated with much better and higher ranking US schools. SKK is a "sister school" to both the Sloan program (MIT) and the Kellogg program (IU). Along with partnerships with Ross (UofM) and several other highly ranked programs. To be frank, I felt SNU's MBA was severely lacking, and overall was ranked 3rd or 4th on my list. I felt the rankings for MBAs were: SKK, KAIST, Yongsei, then SNU. This was based on my personal beliefs after looking at the programs, their affiliations and how "developed" their programs were.

    If you are considering MBAs and want more information I would be glad to talk to you and discuss this further. Send an email to: