Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

I am back in the USA!!!!
Ive been back for less then 24 hours and Ive eaten at my local Korean restaurant twice! :)

Here's some pictures:
The front of the restaurant...not real impressive, but its really cool inside:


Not sure the exact spelling of this one. I believe its like Daekji Bulgogi? (spicy pork bulgogi):

I way overate last night. But it was sooo good!

For comparison, here is what I had to eat in Africa:
Roast Beef sandwich and Ramen (sadly this was the best meal I had in 3 weeks in Africa):


  1. that roast beef sandwich actually looks delicious. but yeah, the cup ramen, not so much.

    what do you normally eat in Africa?

  2. You can find another post of mine here that describes what we eat in Africa:

    We eat in a cafeteria. We get a choice of 4 main dishes (we can usually find 1 that you can stomach) which usually consists of any of the following; fish, beef, chicken, lamb, ox tail, pigs feet (altho I havent seen this in a while). Usually you make your selection, not on what looks good..but what looks the least disgusting.

    Then the salad bar is suspect. Its a good day when there is lettuce on the salad bar. Also, I refuse to eat anything with mayo (especially on the salad bar). I remember when I first started (about 2.5 years ago) half the people in our camp got food poisoning from the tuna salad. I have never eaten mayo