Friday, July 11, 2008

Back in Business!

Well, I am at my parents house in Detroit now. I just flew in a couple of hours ago from St. Louis. While I was in St. Louis I decided to pick up another digital camera because Im leaving tomorrow morning for Vancouver and I cant go on that trip without a camera. Unfortunately I was unable to replace the Samsung NV24HD. I know in reviews it got trashed, but I was starting to really like that camera :(

Anyways I got a Canon PowerShot1100IS. Its compact and takes decent pictures.

Here is how you can have a heart attack in less then 20 minutes:

Bratwurst with chili cheese fries and a large coke!

Here are some zoom in pictures with the new camera:


  1. I like the new camera. Canons are the best. I bought a Samsung at first too because of patriotism. It got stolen so I got a Canon Ixus. The manual settings are what makes Canons the best. Start playing around with them and you'll get the pictures you desire (not that these pictures are bad^^).

  2. Is that mustard on your chili cheese fries?

  3. yea. this camera doesnt seem to have the features and options that the samsung had. Of course that could be me not reading the manual :)

    yes that is mustard on the chili cheese fries....its the only way to eat proper chili cheese fries.

  4. where did ya go? mustard on chili cheese fries! My respect for you has now been tarnished.