Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Self Imposed Ban!

I noticed that my last 4 posts have been on heavy sociological issues, and I dont like that! My blog is supposed to be up beat and show to the world what Korea has to offer. Along with tidbits of stuff or things going on in my life! Call me selfish, but it is my blog!

So I am banning myself from posting any more "heavy" posts...I declare my posts will pertain to food, music, food, movies, food, or "tidbits" from my life, and of course food.

Unfortunately, Im in Africa for 2 more weeks, so I won't have much in the ways of food to post.

You know what always lightens my mood? Pictures of Korean kids in hanboks...I dont think there is anything cuter then Korean kids in Hanboks.

For some reason I just dont come out as "cute" as the kids do :(

I objected to putting it on, but as you can see from the photo...I lost.


  1. hey Richard,
    You should post whatever you feel like posting. I think social issues have a lot of value. I wrote about my experiences of being adopted and I've received a lot of positive feedback from it.^^

  2. I know what you mean. I try to keep things balanced -- social issues are fun because it's easy to go off on a rant and save the world in three paragraphs. . . but when I blog, I try to balance it out by remembering that 1. my grandmother learns most of what she knows about Korea from my blog 2. other readers know everything they know about ME from my blog -- and frankly, I'd rather people think, "If I met that roboseyo, he'd probably be a funny, interesting, observant fella" than "roboseyo? the arrogant sourpuss on the Korean blogsophere?"

    I also agree with you 100% that, if we look, we could probably find something AS cute as kids in hanbok, but we'd be hard pressed to find something cuter, until a mommy koala finds an abandoned kitten and an motherless baby chimp which she raises, and the kitten teaches the other baby koalas to wrestle, while they chimp likes to cuddle. But something THAT cute might reach critical mass, and cause Hello Kitty to go emo.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Your right, it is my blog. But I want my blog to be something that people might be interested in reading. I sometimes find that I type and type to find a "wall" of text...lol...some of it cant be that interesting..

    However, I love writing about things like adoption. I guess this was just my way of switching from social issues back to more important issues like food. :)