Thursday, July 3, 2008



Thats how I feel right now. Its my first full day back in the US of A. I arrived last night, after about 24 hours of traveling (which included a 8 hour layover in Paris). I know a lot of girls would have died over that, but being a guy, Ive been into Paris before. Ive seen the Tower, Cathedral, arch, louvre....been there done I stayed in the airport playing video games on my

Anyways here is the first thing I went out and did last night:

Yes folks, that is the authentic Caramel Cappuccino with REAL whipped cream and caramel drizzle from Caribou Coffee. Every other coffee shop is just an imitation of this godly desert type coffee!

Here is another picture with the top off, showing the exquisite whipped cream with the caramel drizzle. Notice how heavy the cream looks and the caramel is real caramel (not that syrup crap). The best part is the pure whipped cream and caramel that is stuck on the lid. I always have to lick the lid before I start drinking!

Im going to the Korean Restaurant tonight. The one that literally raised me on Korean Food, so its the closest thing I have to home cooking for Korean food. I'll take some pictures and post it.

Im only home for 2.5 weeks and its going to be crazy:
I am in Detroit right now. I leave Sunday at 8:00 AM for California (San Francisco area). I arrive back in Detroit at 7:00 AM on Wednesday. I leave that same day at like 3:00 PM for St. Louis. I return to Detroit around 8:00 PM on Friday next week. I then leave Saturday morning at 9:00 AM for Vancouver. Im going to a freestyle ski camp for a week. Freestyle ski camp = x-games style skiing with jumps and spins...never done it beforoe so Im gonna go out and try to break my

I cant tell you why Im going to California and St. Louis right now, but if everything works out, I'll be able to give more details in 2 weeks!

Be sure to check frequently because I plan on taking lots of pictures everywhere. Especially California and Vancouver (when Im skiing)!!!


  1. Jealous - you're going to SF...

  2. i'm on the same boat as cheri. JEALOUS! i wanted go home but most of all the flights were all booked so here i am stuck!!

  3. i just checked my blog and to answer your question - i'm korean american. :]