Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Im so upset with myself right now!!!!!!!!!

I arrived in Detroit this morning from my red-eye flight from Las Vegas (layover) from Sacramento. I had to switch terminals because Im now on my way to St. Louis. So I went through security and emptied my bags of electronic items when I realized I left my brand new Samsung NV24 digital camera on the previous airplane!!! Im soooo ticked!!! Its a brand new camera that I bought in Korea in May! Its a great camera 5x optical zoom, 10 megapixal and takes HD video!

I went back to see if I could retrieve it but the plan had already left for I submitted a lost item claim, but I doubt I'll ever see that camera again. The lady at the lost items counter was not helpful whatsoever. She kept rebuking me about leaving stuff in the pockets on an airplane. Well no duh...obviously I can see the results of need to keep kicking a guy when he's down!

We'll see if someone will be a good Samaritan and turn it in...until then Im without a camera :(

I might try and pick one up in St. Louis while Im there. I'll definitely need a camera when I go to Vancouver/Whistler on Saturday.

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