Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Celadon: The Worst Korean Restaurant Ever!

While I enjoyed my time in Whistler, I had the disappointing experience of finding the worst Korean Restaurant ever!!!! The name of the restaurant was Celadon (as in the Korean potter)

The service was fine, but the food and the price were horrible.

I had:



Kimchee Cheon:

Spicy Samgyeopsol:

For some reason I am unable to upload any more pictures at the moment. But, I'll add them later.

The reason this was the worst Korean restaurant was for two reasons:
1. The food did not taste good.
2. You had to pay for everything...even rice!! yes even rice! and even kimchee!! even Banchan!! even Banchan!! and even the lettuce to put your samgyeopsol!! yes even lettuce!!! How ridiculous is that!!!???

The restaurant nickel and dime you to death! by the end of the night I had wasted $70for a meal that didnt even taste good! If you want a bad review from me, the easiest way is to charge me for all the little things....that is just wrong in a Korean restaurant. But yea this restaurant charged $3 for rice, $5 for a small portion of kimchee, $5 for lettuce for your samgyeopsol!! and another $9 for banchan!!!! It so made me mad!

As for taste, the kimchee cheon was pretty much flavorless and way to greasy. The kimchee had not been fermented at all so the cabbage had not absorbed the spices. The samgyeopsol just wasnt right. it was sliced way too thin and just didnt taste the same. Maybe its because of the different butchering practices between Korea and the west? The meat just didnt look like samgyeopsol.

Anyways, this is by far the worst Korean restaurant I have ever eaten at...unfortunately its located in Whistler Village and probably giving everyone who visits a poor representation of Korean food.


  1. it all looks a little skimpy. glad to hear you are back^^

  2. Reminds me of eating in London! I remember getting charged a couple pounds just for a bowl of rice.. ㅠㅠ

  3. Yea after being in Korea (and even my korean restauarant at home)..being charged for rice and banchan is just SO WRONG!