Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hot Hot Hot!!

Yup, Im in California! This is my first trip ever.
It was 110F today!!
I arrived in California on Sunday, and now Im in the Sacramento airport.

Here is my awesome rental car...definite upgrade from my silverado.

Sight seeing:

In case you were wondering..that is the golden gate bridge...personally I was severely disappointed. Its a lot smaller then I expected. Anyways, that wasnt the highlight of my tour. I was actually on a quest to find a Korean restaurant. Supposedly there are a lot of Koreans in the Bay area.

I must be addicted to Korean food because I spent about 2.5 hours looking for a Korean restaurant in particular....I never found it. However, I did find another Korean restaurant. It was filled with foreigners from Europe, and I was like "oh oh"...however a couple Koreans did wander in later. Anyways, pictures of my dinner:
Nice selection of Banchan:

Then Kimchee Cheon:

Then one of my favorites Sundubo (spelling?) chigae:

It was about 9:30 PM by the time I got this food and I hadnt eaten since 10:30AM that day, so I was starving! I ate the sundobu so quickly that all I can taste in my mouth right now is a tingling sensation of a burned tongue :(

Anyways, it was fairly good. The sundobu was good, the kimchee cheon was too salty and a bit too greasy and over cooked. It also didnt have enough of the batter in it. But Im not one to complain when Im hungry. and yes, that is a Hite. I decided to have one for old times...even though its pretty watered down beer. actually the Hite was excellent combination with the salty and greasy cheon...lol

At least I was able to have a Korean fix while I was near San Francisco. The best part is the whole trip was paid for by someone else!

Anyways Im in the airport getting ready to head to Detroit. I dont arrive until 7AM tomorrow evening!! Then I just stay there until my flight to St. Louis at 3 PM!!


  1. There are some good Korean restaurants around Geary St. in the Richmond area... and also some decent eats in/near Japantown. Ton of places in Santa Clara though... Which restaurants were you trying to find? Sorry you were disappointed by the bridge... I still <3 it hehe.

  2. I was trying to find one called Han II Kyung. It was on Balboa street, which I never found...lol

    I ended up cruising Geary street which is where I found the restaurant I ate at.

    You from this area?