Friday, June 20, 2008

커피프린스 1호점 - "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" (Episode 6)

I dont know how, but I dont seem to get tired of Korean Dramas. Even with their predictable and sappy stories, they still seem entertaining to me.

Episode 6: Continues the story fo G Eun Chan going to Han Yoo Joo's art show with Choi Han Sung. Go Eun Chan is hurt because Choi Han Sung has dinner with Han Yoo Joo and kind of "ditches" Eun Chan. However, I feel this is as much her fault as it is Choi Han Sung. Although Han Sung shouldnt have left her out like this, once he realized what he did was awkward he offered to stay with Eun Chan. Go Eun Chan refuses (probably trying to be nice) so Choi Han Sung has dinner with Han Yoo Joo.

This episode continues the awkwardness between Go Eun Chan and Choi Han Kyul. The way Han Kyul deals with it is to be very mean to Eun Chan. It just builds up and up.

Episode 7: Well, the crap has hit the fan. Go Eun Chan finally has had enough of the rough treatment of her by Choi Han Kyul and leaves the coffee shop! Unfortunately Choi Han Kyul gets her back (I still want Eun Chan to end up with Choi Han Sung..he is so much of a nicer guy).

In this episode you can see the strain building in the relationship between Choi Han Sung and Han Yoo Joo by the "friendship" between Han Sung and Eun Chan. Unfortunately Eun Chan is giving up on Han Sung (because she doesnt want to interfere in the relationship between Han Sung and Yoo Joo). Its too bad because Miss Y doesnt realize that Mr A likes her! (reference from the show. Miss Y = Eun Chan and Mr A = Han Sung). Eun Chan originally has a crush on Han Sung in the show, but thinks that it is hopeless because he is dating the beautiful and nice Yoo Joo. So she starts to give up hope on that relationship and looks towards Han Kyul.


  1. Yeah, it's a sappy show, but It's fun to watch. My roommate got me into it. Go Eun Chan is charming and unique and Hwang Min Yeop is awesome. Min Yeop plays the gorilla without a brain character but he does it so well. Tell me when you get to episode 10. That's just a wacky episode and goes a bit beyond logic for me.

  2. Im at 9.5 as of this morning. So I'll probably get to 10 tonight after work.