Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yummy Yummy in my Tummy!

It is funny, Ive been planning on posting about the food here in Equatorial Guinea since I started this blog. The problem was, I always forgot to bring my camera. Well today, I brought it. Ironically Dan at just asked me about decent food.

Well I'll tell you about decent food:

If its decent...Its not here! LoL
The dish on the left hand side is a "Turkey Roll" with stuffing. I got the butt end of the roll, so there was not much turkey and the stuffing..I dont eat unidentifiable food in Africa (good rule to live by if you like your stomache and other parts of your body). The turkey had been in a steamer drawer so long that it actually tasted like dish water (Ive never had such a bland tasting turkey before).

Closeup of the turkey:

And no..that is not sticky rice in the background..its the good ole non-sticky rice that has been soaking in water too long.

The dish on the left was some Indian vegetables. Usually these are good, not these though. The top dish is obvious lettuce and Heinz French dressing. This was a good day at the salad bar. They had lettuce and they had dressing (both of which I always took for granted at a Salad Bar!) The reason there is nothing on the lettuce is because everything else is covered in Mayo (another good rule to live by is avoid Mayo in Africa).

Here is a picture of my "option play" (reference to football, when the first attempt goes bad, you go back up and try to find a viable meal...):

That is roast beef and pizza. The pizza I got from our Salad Bar, lol. Now imagine the worst pizza of your life, throw it in the fridge for 2 or 3 days not covered (you know so it absorbs all of the wonderful goodness of the refrigerator smells and tastes) and thats about what that pizza tastes like. The beef fortunately was decent enough I made a sandwich.

Onto the highlight of my meal:

Yes an apple. The best part about this apple is that its never been frozen. Its amazing how your perspective changes after living in Africa. You realize somethings you just cant take for granted. Like biting into a pear or apple that has been previously deep freezed and then thawed...The way you know this is the inside is black..notice you have to bite into before you can tell if its black on the inside or

As a matter of fact, I was so greedy I took two apples to keep and eat later at my desk!


  1. Ouch. That doesn't look too good. Do they really freeze the fruit over there? How about local eats?

  2. They freeze the fruit because all of the food comes in containers on ships from Europe.

    As for the local food. I have eaten at a few restauarants. I have not taken any photos. I did have 1 decent meal, it was a whole grilled fish. But everything else is alway suspect because you cant trust the meat. You can't tell what meat it is and you dont know if its been refrigerated...I dont think I have eaten anywhere local in over a year.