Monday, June 16, 2008

너는 내 운명 - "You are my Destiny" (Episode 27)

Lucky Me! I got home from work to find has uploaded episode 27 and 28!!

After I downloaded the episodes (being in Africa, my bandwidth doesnt allow me to stream the videos), I immediately started watching.

Episode 27 does not disappoint. Probably one of the funniest moments so far in the series happened. Soobin's mother is trying to cuddle with Soobin's father (they have a rocky marriage throughout the show), and something hilarious happens that ruins the whole mood! Extremely funny!

Meanwhile later on, perhaps the most heart touching moment so far of the series. It seems that Nayoung's mother might finally be accepting Kim Sae Byuk! Big changes in the relationships.

Meanwhile, Soobin still makes me angry. She is such a conniving twisted girl, ohh...and even worse it looks like she is luring Kang Hose away from Kim Sae Byuk!! NOO!!! The true evilness of Soobin really comes out during episode 25 and 26. Even though she is probably the best looking actress on the show, you will really despise her after watching episode 25 and 26. I know I cant stand the sight of her right now!!

I can't wait to watch more! Kim Sae Byuk better end up with Kang Hose!!! It just wouldnt be right after everything that has happened to Kim Sae Byuk, she needs something to go right in her life for once!

Anyways, Im off to watch episode 28!

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