Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I shouldnt be taking the time to blog right now. I am pretty busy at work. Today is the start of commissioning of the $5,000,000 waste water treatment plant that I am responsible for. I helped design this plant. I also helped purchase all of the equipment, and now Im in charge of starting it up so that we can hand it over to operations.

I dont have any pictures because its been raining almost non-stop since I got to Africa. (I bet you never thought of this much rain when you ever talk about Africa!). Anyways, as soon as it clears up, I'll take some pictures and post them...ok back to the main purpose of this blog.

Anyways, I needed a "Pick me Up". Nothing is better then some Ma-ee-chu (I dont have a Korean keyboard so its impossible for me to type it in Hangul). I tried looking it up on Google, but as some of you may know that is futile.

This candy is the sweet nectar from God. It is perhaps my favorite candy. Think strawberry chew that is inbetween a Starburst and Now-In-Later in terms of hardness/chewability. In other words, PERFECT!!! I think Starbursts are too soft and Now-In-Laters will pull teeth. Ma-ee-chu is just right. Plus the strawberry taste is more of a strawberry/yogurt taste is very refreshing. I bought 2 packges of 3 sticks. I have finished my first package today which is perfect because I am half way through my 4 weeks in Africa.

This brings up a very good point: Even when your insanely busy..Dont forget to stop and smell the roses! Or in this case have a few maichu candies :)


  1. hi Richard,

    i swore i replied back on the other blog but i guess it didn't get through? hmm..

    unfortunately, i do not have a blog. :( i've been in korea for two years and recently found all these neat blogs! you've just inspired me to make one. maybe, just maybe, i'll start one. :]

  2. Hi Veronica,
    You really should start a blog. As you can tell, I just started. Only because I accidently ran into www.seouleats.com (daniel gray's blog) by looking up restaurants in the Seoul Area.

    Looking at his page, inspired me to start my own blog. I was like..what am I going to write about. Its amazing though, you come up with all sorts of stuff that you didnt think anyone would be interested in. But people read it and are interested. Its a lot of fun reading about other people and what they are doing. Especially when you have a common link like Korea :)

    When you publish be sure to let me know! I'll be your first reader :)