Sunday, June 15, 2008

너는 내 운명 - "You are my Destiny"

This is one of the newest dramas in Korea right now. It has been rated as 1st or 2nd every day since its start on May 5th. Lucky for us, has been very active uploading streaming espisodes complete with English subtitles!
I started watching this when it first aired during my trip to Korea in May. It is on KBS1 at 8:25 PM, Monday - Friday. It replaced my favorite show "I Hate You, But It's Fine" (미우나 고우나 aka Likeable or Not)

To save time I'm going to write the synopsis written at:

"Jang Sae Byuk is a a girl who tries to find a new meaning in life after she receives an eye cornea transplant from the doctor that took care of her after her accident. That doctor, Kim Na Young, died in a car accident on her way back from Africa. Sae Byuk becomes close with the Na Young's family after finding them. The family slowly accepts her as part of the family. Kang Ho Se and Kim Tae Poong, Na Young's twin brother, have disliked each other since they were young kids. This is mostly Tae Poong hates Ho Se because Ho Se's family was rich and because Tae Poong's father was Ho Se's father's driver and his mother was the maid. "

As most Korean dramas are the plot is confusing to read because of so many twists and turns. However watchign the drama from the start helps smooth out the confusion. I have thoroughly enjoyed this drama from the start. You feel sorry for the main character Jang Sae Byuk, but there are also times you yell at the screen because she is so naive sometimes.

Since I usually watch dramas in Korea first with no subtitles, I am usually forced to follow body language to try and figure anything out in the dramas. As such I usually have a couple characters on each show that I like best.

They are:

Jang Sae Byuk (Im Yoon Ah) - Naive main character. She is cute, optimistic, and will always put a smile on your face

Kim Tae Young (Lee Pil Mo) - Quirky supporting actor. That is the best way I can describe him. Tae Young is very genuine and honest character, there is nothing to not like about him. Sometimes though you feel sorry for him because you can't figure out why he is not married yet. His story line is probably the most focused on sub-plot in the drama. I almost enjoy this sub-plot as much as the main plot of the drama.

I will post more on a episode basis as I watch them. So far I have watched all the way through episode 26 and eagerly waiting for mysoju to have more uploaded!

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