Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Moving up in the world!

You may not know it, but Im a chemical engineer. I have been working in the Oil industry for 5 yeras now (I had my 5 year award on June 1st). I worked the first 2.5 years in a refinery in the US. I have worked in Equatorial Guinea for the last 2.5 years at a production facility. We have 4 offshore platforms and an onshore gas plant. Luckily I dont have to live on the platform. I'll show you why later.

First a picture a of the refinery:

This is the unit that I was the engineer for:

This is what happens when things go wrong:

Don't worry, thats from my refinery. I believe that was a Chrevron Refinery where they caught on fire. :)

In Refining, chemical engineers were the prima donnas. We were treated very well. Every process engineer had a window office. It was pretty nice. Anyways, I took another job, with the same company, but in Production and in Africa. This is my company's biggest production unit accounting for about 1/3 of our total production worldwide. I thought this would be best for my career and it move me up quickly. So here are some pictures:
Two of our four platforms:

Me acting like a tourist on the platform above (I was new):

Picture of my office (Can you tell that I am moving up in the World?):

I have upgraded from a window office to a corner window office!! Did you notice the great view out of my office window? And, the local management here wonders why we can't pursuade any engineers from refining to come out here to work. I can't imagine why? Ok Ok, you can stop staring at the picture, I know my desk is a mess!

A little piece of wisdom: Money isnt everything. Quality of job and life is sometimes more important.


  1. Wow. It looks like you have a very exciting and rewarding job. Keep blogging, I'll keep reading.


  2. Thanks Dan,
    Its cool knowing that someone is reading and finds it interesting. I gotta come up with more things to write about. I thought I would have a hard time, but I think Im getting the hang of it.