Sunday, June 22, 2008

너는 내 운명 - "You are my Destiny" (Episode 31-32!)

Oh My!!!
Another two episodes were uploaded on mysoju when I got back to my room from work!

These episodes were so good that Im up at 2:00 AM in the morning to write this so I dont forget!

We left off on Episode 30, where Jang Sae Byuk unknowingly has to deliver food to Kang Ho Se's house. She doesn't think anyone will be home during the day except the house keeper. Well Ho Se is home early to help get ready for the dinner for Soobin and her family. So Sae Byuk runs into Ho Se, while they are talking Ho Se's parents come home from the market. Ho Se hides Sae Byuk in his room throughout the dinner.

Unfortunately Ho Se's little sister ruins the plans when she sneaks into Ho Se's room and screams!

This episode has quite the confrontations between Jang Sae Byuk and Ho Se's mother. Ho Se's mother is supposed to be this upscale lady and in the last couple of episodes she has acted very trashy when dealing with Jang Sae Byuk. I don't know how anyone could get mad at Sae Byuk, maybe because sometimes she is too nice? It all ends with Ho Se's mother throwing wine in Sae Byuk's face!!! I was ready to jump out of my chair and start yelling at my screen!!!

Then we go onto episode 32. This is probably my favorite episode so far. The reason being is actually the cliffhanger that is left for the next episode. It has taken so long for Oh Young Sook (the mother of the family) to accept Sae Byuk, you almost wonder if she ever will. Well at the end of this episode Soobin and her mother convince the grandmother to kick Sae Byuk out of Oh Young Sook's house while no one is home. Fortunately Oh Young Sook comes back home in the nick of time to stop this nonsense!! All we see is Oh Young Sook come into the house just in time to tell them that she will not kick Sae Byuk out of her house!!!

AMAZING!!! full circle!! I mean a couple of episodes ago Oh Young Sook couldn't stand the sight of Sae Byuk. Now she is standing up to her mother-in-law (which is like a sin in Korea) to keep Sae Byuk at her house! You just want to jump up and cheer. I think I almost jumped up and yelled "AZA AZA FIGHTING!!" maybe I have been watching too many dramas lately.

Can't wait for the next episode so I can see the rest of this unravel!!!


  1. hey good find on epikorean. it's a very well maintained site. awww...that's what I aspire to be one day^^

  2. guess what? i decided to start a blog on july 1st! :] because that day will be my attempt to...... stay tuned! ^^*


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