Sunday, June 22, 2008

Food highlight of the trip!

I know in my last post I wrote about the lack of decent food. Well, every once in a while our kitchen makes something decent. Of course, the day I post about the bad food is the same night they make something decent. Maybe I should do this more often?
Here's a picture:

Yes folks, that is a steak. A T-Bone steak to be precise. Its probably one of the best meals we'll get all trip (its definitely the best we've had so far in the 20 days Ive been here). Its protein and its identifiable. There is still a lot of room for improvement. For example, the steaks here always have about 3/4" of fat/gristle all the way around it. So first thing you do is cut the edge off the steak before you can eat it. Typically I think a butcher trims this off, however apparently our butcher thinks the fat and gristle is good. Second, the steaks all come the same way, "Well Done". There is no sign of pink or red anywhere. I eat my steaks medium-rare so this is obviuosly hard for me to get used to. The meat is drier then I like. But I think they do this to protect us from any wierd disease that might be in rare meat in Africa?

They did do something right though. Check out the A1 sauce! If your not going to cook a steak properly at least have the right condiments to drown it in! I love A1 sauce with some

This morning I had a hard choice for breakfast:

Which one to eat? Yes, I stole 3 apples out of the canteen. Yes, that is probably greedy of me, but you never know when you'll get good fruit again. And, YES I know my desk is messy

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