Thursday, June 19, 2008

너는 내 운명 - "You are my Destiny" (Episode 29-30!)

Yes!! I got to my room last night and checked out and YES!!! There it is two more episodes!! I planned on going to be immediately after work. I was really tired (see post below). How could I got to bed with 2 new episodes of "You are My Destiny" on?

After these episodes I really don't like Soobin!!!! I really hated her when she exposed Jang Sae Byuk and Kang Ho se's dating as a setup!!! OHH!! and the way she did it by surprising Sae Byuk, even though Sae Byuk was going to tell Kang Ho Se!!! That girl just makes my blood boil!! Im not sure if this is a turnoff or a turnon for me in watching these shows. To be honest, I think for me its a turn off. I guess you can call me mushy or what-not, but the reason I watch these shows is to see the right people end up with the right people, the heroin and hero to ride off in the sunset. Otherwise its too much like real life!

Anyways, in these two episodes Soobin, Tae Poong, Sae Byuk, and Ho Se all run into each other at Lohas. Soobin insists that all of them have lunch. Its quickly obvious that she did it to intend to embarass Sae Byuk and degrade her infront of Ho Se. Sae Byuk handled it incredibly well (Personally I would have splashed my water on Soobin and walked out!), anyways I think it back fires because I think Ho Se sees that Sae Byuk is really the kind girl that he was dating and also got to see how mean/coniving Soobin can be. Only time will tell! Hopefully Ho Se doesnt fall for Soobin's snake pit (and I literally mean snake pit, she is evil!)

I think my next couple of posts will be breaking down each character on this show.

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