Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hard Decision

I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life this past week :(

I have decided that I want to get my MBA. I applied to the University of Michigan Ross Business School, which is ranked 5th in the US. However, for "fun" I decided to apply to Sungkyunkwan University (SKK) and Seoul National University (SNU).

I didnt get into SNU, but I did get accepted to SKK. I didnt think it would be a hard decision, but when I did fiind out I got in, my heart ached and wanted to go to Korea. I even had to turn to my parents for advice (not that this is bad, but you'd think being out of college for 5 years, I should be able to make these decision myself). However, I know myself and I might not do the rational thing.

The options were:
1. Go to SKK, live in Korea for 1.5 years, learn Korean (which I have always wanted to do), and make all sorts of new Korean friends!
2. Stay in my current job in Equatorial Guinea. I work 4 weeks then I get 4 weeks of vacation.
3. Wait to find out from University of Michigan to see if I get in there and try and get a job in Detroit so I can go.

Well, the decision for SKK had to be turned in yesterday. I agonized over it and I turned in my rejection letter to their offer of admission. So cross #1 off the list. I hope this was the right decision. Maybe some day I can live in Korea.

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