Monday, June 16, 2008


I was eating my crappy, bland, gross looking breakfast consisting of Quaker Oats oatmeal cooked in the microwave, when I realized how crappy western breakfasts are compared to breakfast in Korea.

Picture of my oatmeal:

Notice the "Double Bubble" cup. This cup is famous in Africa (or at least in my office in Africa). No one..I mean No ONE is allowed to eat, drink or wash it! I had one person do that about a year ago, and boy was he sorry! (George, if you ever read this, NO TOUCHING MY CUP!) Im very paranoid about my cup, if you lived in Africa you would be too with all of the germs and stuff. Anyways I am digressing...

Korean breakfast as desribed by Cheri:
I Hope you dont mind Cheri that I borrowed this picture from your blog. If you do, I'll remove it and just leave the link. Thanks :)

(Scroll down to the second picture with the caption "Breakfast.....of Champions" Korean breakfast usually consists of some soup (tofu or seaweed soup), several kimchee, fried fish or some sort of meat (bulgoki), rice, kim, and various other banchan(side dishes). I also notice in this picture is Kimbop.

Now which would you rather be eating. Even if I was having an American Breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage, toast. The Korean breakfast is way better. Perhaps this is why I hated eating breakfast growing up. My mom made me eat breakfast so it was usually ramen, cold pizza, chinese or other leftovers. I think this is a genetic (Korean) thing, eating regular food for breakfast.


  1. Haha! ^^

    I'd rather eat the oatmeal actually... I'm all for Korean food, but personally, it's a bit much in the morning. Especially when I'm with the relatives - they have this way of making you eat at least 3x what you normally would have eaten. Seriously, I miss oatmeal, and it's one of the requests I'm making from a friend who's visiting. : )

  2. That's cool that you have friends coming to visit you there. Be careful what you wish for. I eat oatmeal 28 days in a row (while Im in Africa). I cant stand the stuff. After Im done working here, I will never eat oatmeal in my life again. I'd rather eat rice and kimchee any day of the week :)